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A cup of cold water

How You Can Help 
Your gift to Water for LIFE shares a cup of water in Jesus’ name. 
$24 will help provide clean water for 5 people  
$48 will help provide clean water for 10 people  
$72 will help provide clean water for 15 people  
$144 will help provide clean water for 30 people  
$1,200 can be combined with 3 other friends to help drill a complete new well 
$2,400 can be combined with one other friend of LIFE to provide a complete, new well  
$4,800 will enable us to drill and install a complete new water well that will provide clean, disease-free water for many, many years to come  
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A Cup of Cold Water 
"And if anyone gives even a cup of cold water to one of these little ones because he is my disciple, I tell you the truth, he will certainly not lose his reward." (Matthew 10:42) 
Everyday, children all over the world walk miles down a “road of death” to fetch their daily water. This water isn’t even clean – it’s filled with all sorts of water-borne diseases. 
The diseases found in unclean, contaminated water kill 1.8 million children every year. Because of diseased water, up to 50f all people in poverty-stricken nations suffer severe health problems. Sadly, they are unable to fix the situation because they are too poor… But we can step in and provide the help they desperately need. 
In Matthew 10:42, Jesus urges us to give water to the thirsty. Taking this call to heart, Mission: Water for LIFE drills wells for suffering communities, delivering fresh, clean water to these "little ones." 
A new well offers relief in so many ways: it stops disease, promotes healthy bodies, and provides the means for families to become self-sufficient by growing their own gardens and caring for their own animals. 
Clean water is absolutely vital. With clean water, these thirsty communities can do more than merely survive – THEY CAN TRULY HAVE LIFE! Just as this water brings them physical life and health, these wells stand for years as a reminder of the Living Water: Jesus Christ. The clean water they receive every single day lets them know that God truly loves them! 
In the past 10 years, the drilling of fresh water wells has produced a staggering amount of clean water. With more than 2500 wells now in use, each serving an average of 1000 people, the estimated number of changed lives reaches 2.5 million. 
In 2011, the 12th year of Mission: Water for LIFE, our goal is to drill 20 new wells in 50 rural villages in Haiti. 
The average cost of each well is $4,800. Each well provides water for 1,000 people or more. This means that a child can receive a lifetime of clean water for as little as $4.80. 
This outreach is an exciting demonstration of God’s love because clean water really can change EVERYTHING! 

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