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Be part of something big!

School sponsorship is a really effective way of helping hundreds of children in poor communities get a decent start in life. As a sponsor, you will enable Link to support the development of an entire school 
Be part of something big! 
When you sponsor a school, you don't just help the children in your sponsored school, but the school's community members and all of the schools in the area. We know from over 35 years experience that working with community members and district officials is important for enabling your school to suceed. It's going to take much more than just filling a classroom with text books to deliver a quality education to every child! 
As a sponsor you will receive a welcome pack and regular news twice a year about your sponsored school so that you can see the changes that you are helping to bring. You will also receive news about our work in the school’s zone and country so that you can see the bigger picture in which your school, and Link, are operating. 
80�f your money goes directly to Haiti and is spent within your school’s area, on work which benefits your school and its community. 20�s used to find other sponsors and raise more funds for our work in Haiti. 
The cost to become a school sponsor is  
$32.00 per month 
Improving the quality of education in Haiti! 
Be part of something big! 

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