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Children are waiting for a sponsor

You can help a needy child  
As a sponsor, you can become a special friend to a needy child. You will be linked with a child who will know your name, write to you and treasure the thought that you care.  
Your support of $25 each month provides your child with life-changing opportunities such as going to a Christian school, getting nutritious food and health care, and hearing about Jesus and his redemptive love.  
Through Christian Education  
About half of the people in Haiti cannot read or write. When you sponsor a child, you provide a good education - the basic building block to a better  
Sponsorship gives your child the opportunity to receive nutritious meals at school and medical check-ups. On-sight nurses and volunteers perform minor surgery, dispense medicines and provide basic health-care services which greatly improve the quality of life.  
Through Your Love and Your Faith  
When you sponsor a child through APHU you’ll be helping a child to be connected with a local church. Your child will hear the Gospel and have the opportunity to trust in Jesus.  
As a sponsor, you can play a vital role in your child’s life. You can pray for him and his family. You can encourage your child through cards and letters, and you can send small gifts for Christmas and birthdays  
You can begin today! Simply indicate which child you would like to sponsor. If you would like us to select a child for you, we will send you a boy or girl from our waiting list.  
Do you have any question about the Sponsorship Program ? Email us.

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