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Opportunity to change life...

This is your opportunity to change lives...ONE at a time.  
If you would like to provide any of these items, please send them to: 
Aide Pour l'Humanite 
4,rue cheriez ,canape vert 
Port-au Prince  
1-Dental and Medical Supplies 
Clotrimazole Antifungal Cream  
Antibiotics such as Ampicillin, Amoxicillin and/or Tetracycline  
Any type of eye ointment for pink eye or eye infections  
Any type of topical antibiotics for skin infections such as scabies and impetigo  
Triple antibiotic creams  
Adult and Children's fever/ pain medicine, cough medicine, anti-diarrhea medicine  
Gauze bandages, ace bandages, gauze squares  
Any type of dehydration drink for infants and small children  
Adult and children's vitamins  
Saline solution and/ or Hydrogen Peroxide  
Any ointment for severe burns  
Dental extraction tools  
Powdered milk and infant formulas  
White sheets, flat and fitted, and pillow cases  
2-Large Items Needed: 
All Musical Instruments for our music class are very important 
Treadle sewing machines 
Audio Visual Equipment for education (CD players, DVDs, TVs) 
Computers, printers, scanners 
Motorcycles, trail bikes 
New/ Good running van or Pick-Up (diesel preferred) 
4 Wheel drive vehicles (diesel preferred) 
Motor home 
Airplane for the mission field 
Farm tools/ equipment 
Hoes, rakes, shovels, picks and hammers 
Woodworking tools for carpentry 
3-Special Needs for the Children: 
New boy's dress pants for church, sizes 4-14 
New boy's dress shoes for church and tennis shoes, all sizes 
New girl's dresses and skirts for church, sizes 2-14 
New girl's dress shoes and tennis shoes, all sizes 
New clothing, all types (no winter) 
4-School Supplies: 
If you would like to start a mission project at home, church or workplace, we are in need of children's school packs. These are plastic packs with a zipper. Inside you can put two pencils, a pen, a box of crayons, a pencil sharpener, a small ruler and school scissors. 
General school supplies needed: 
Ruled paper  
Blue ink pens  
White chalk  
New sleeping bags  
New camping tents  
New or used army cots  

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