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Share love with our mobile clinics...

We Share God's Love Through Mobile Medical and Dental Clinics... 
Since the majority of Haiti 's poor do not have access to good medical care, we take the medical and dental care to them. We do this through our "Mobile Medical &dental Clinics." 
Living conditions of the poor are heartbreaking. One out of every four children has been exposed to tuberculosis, twenty percent of the babies die at birth; many never live to see their fifth birthday. 
We invite volunteers to come to Haiti and participate. We love to have doctors,dentists, nurses, and other medical personnel, but you don't have to be a "professional" medical person to be involved. Anyone can bathe a baby, clean a wound, assist in the pharmacy, pack medicines or pray for the sick. There is something for everyone to do. 
We have found that when we share the love of God with a mother who is holding a sick child in her arms, it is much easier to tell that mother about Jesus and the love of God. Our "hands on" medical teams "touch the sick" in so many ways. We actually save lives. Many times, witch doctors come to our clinic and later accept God. 
One thousand dollars will sponsor a mobile medical & dental clinic like this for an entire village. This includes medicine, vitamins and other supplies. A gift of any amount will help us with emergency care, like sending someone to the hospital. Please donate now. 
If you are interested in coming to our medical mission with a team or whatever, please write us to schedule . 
God Bless You, 
Dr.Marly Desir 

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