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Dr.Marly Desir Ministries

Jesus said,:'Go ye into all the world and preach the gospel to every creature...' 
Mark 16:15 
The Lord called Dr.Marly Desir to preach the Gospel around the world when he was a child .Years later the lord healed Dr.Marly and he began preaching the Gospel around the world. 
Dr.Marly Desir was born in Haiti,a poor country which voodoo is the primary religion for the majority of the population .That's make people irrational .His dream is to change the world by preaching the Gospel to people all over the world.  
Dr.Marly invites generous people to support his important ministry by sending your financial support each month. 
His immediate need is to find place to stay ,hotel when he'is travelling in the world for meeting or crusade and also to find people who wants to pay his each time air plane ticket for realizing crusade in the world .People who interest to support Dr.Marly's ministry in the world are invited to contact him for knowing his schedule for this year . Please read Ephiesians 4:22,23,24 that teach us for : 
"Living as children of light" 
If your church or organization would like to have Dr.Marly Desir come as guest speakers, please contact our Haiti office at 509-3798-1900 or email your request to or 

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