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...The blessing of Giving...

In Deuteronomy 14:28-29 God commanded this people t o bring a tithe of their increase for the levite ,the widows,the stranger,the fatherless.That is the "tithe to the poor"  
What you give "above your tithes"is your offering to the Lord. 
This is very important this becomes your sacrifices. 
The story is told you in Luke 21:2 of the widow woman who had come to the temple and very quietely cast in "two mites ".Jesus told the story of this little woman.Yes ,everyone else had cast into the treasury of their "abundance" but this little woman cast in "two mites " from her need Jesus said "she had cast in more than the rest "Do you know why? 
Because the sacrifice of giving is no determined by "How much you give "but by How much you have left over you give . 

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