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About us

Aide Pour l'humanite (APHU) is a Christian Humanitarian Organization which helps needy children ,youth and families by the generous support of people in the world . 
Dr.Marly Joseph Desir, chairman and founder, live in Haiti ,he has dedicated her life to helping disadvantaged children get access to quality education.Finding so much joy and satisfaction from making a difference in the lives of others, Dr.Desir helped start to many ministries in Haiti.After working for many years in orphanages, schools and clincs, Dr.Desir decided to start his own organization solely dedicated to empowering children in need. 
We are working to spread the word of God .Our outreach programs include schools, where we educate and feed children , and food distribution programs that feed Haitian families. With the help of our partners, we help churches,orphanges, hold remote medical and dental clinics and oversee many other projects to benefit the poor in Haiti. 
Anyone interested may obtain a copy of our governing documents by written request to our corporate office 
If you would like to sponsor the poor in Haiti, please donate . 
Thank you, Partners! 

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