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Families need help to buy food

Provide Relief For Haitian People 
The most immediate need for families in Haiti now is food. With your support, we are able to buy beans and rice to distribute to needy families. We are committed to helping the people where we serve to survive this difficult time. Your support is greatly appreciated. The Haitian people need our help 
The Haitian people need our help at this crucial time. $20 will provide a family with food(rice and beans) for a week. 
$20 = Food For A Family For A Week 
Towns and villages across the northern region of Haiti have been severly affected by flooding. Providing food will help needy families recover from these desperate circumstances. 
Your donation will provide much needed food for families as they struggle through this difficult period. Thank you for your gracious gifts. 
$20 food for one family 
$40 food for 2 families 
$60 food for 3 families 
$100 food for 5 families 
$200 food for 10 families 
$500 food for 25 families 
$1000 food for 50 families 

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